I TonyMac Crutchfield provide the only Factory Certified Service on Delco Radios made from 1958 to 1975 and claim to be Heir Apparent on units up to 1985 that use analog pointer, push button technology.

Keeping units as close to factory as possible, while offering REMOVABLE modern day improvements to bring them up to state of the art performance!

My restoration will add $1500.00 of value to a 66 Corvette while having a none working or one of the new ''JUNK!'' fit the hole TANGS will take $1500.00 off the value. Having the Delco in the trunk is not the same value as having it in the middle of Your dash delighting other enthusiasts wanting to buy You prized ''BABY!""

I take great pride in my work there for i do not cater to the penny pincer or slop shop trying to make a two week dead line to get the car to auction. And i do not gut a good Delco to replace the insides with ''DISPOSABLE TECHNOLOGY!'' as many who no nothing about electronic service push now days!

There is no such thing as a "QUICK CHECK OUT" on these era radios! Anyone telling You different is not an electronic service tech but an "FRAUD!" Each must have a Basic Electronic Restoration and played for at least two weeks to have any hope of the unit NOT coming back under my FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! Visible signs such as New Old Stock or damage from rust or broken controls are not a valid indicator of the electronic's condition!

NOTE: To the "Eddie Haskell" want2BEES i do not tolerate nonsense lightly! There are special fee's and even a ''BOZO TAX'' for those who waste my time by not orientating them self to MY way of running MY shop! Along with two lap pentathletes and, going to the end of the longest line for those who refuse to get the fact that these are 50 year old radios that are NOT still playing fine that just need a tweeking!
I will spend 3 days at best on a clean core. Many others consume a great deal of time and i do not come close to charging $15.00 an hour on them! NO where close to the $50.00 an hour DELCO~GM paid me on the units they sent to a dumb 14 year old kid. OR that has been the pay rate for an ''ELECTRONICS SERVICE TECH'' sine i went on my first TV Service call with my DAD at the age of 8 back in 1962.

I am doing You a favor by working on Your unit! I am not a begging for work this is now my "HOBBY". The Delco keep me on my toes, mentality and, physical active. Out of the recliner & being led by the nose form TV adds.
AT BEST I WILL ONLY DO ABOUT 30 UNITS A YEAR! Turning down 3X more units than i accept!
Mostly working on the Delcos when the weather in West Tennessee is to bad for me to want to get outside. Warm weather mounts require one day a week BushHogN the yard so it looks like a golf course & farm fields to minimize fire hazardous after first frost about October the 18th. Along with some catfishN and Cards baseball, a few live shows with Miss America songbirds or other star music act that i enjoy hanging out with.

Sorry but cars do not whirl my crank! It takes a beautiful gal paying me $K a night to listen to her sing that i relish!


I work on units sent in for Basic Electronic Restoration service in the order i am paid to do so*!

BEFORE SENDING WORK PLEASE! EMAIL to check on current shop status. You must call in order to obtain a shipping authorization code good for 21 days to place on outside of box or shipment will not be accepted.
You "MUST" box project up and put it on the UPS ~ FedEx truck!!
REQUIRE my signature for delivery!

Repair shop owners/managers or some one calling for there boss BEST for You not to get involved! Have the ''RADIO'S OWNER!'' contact me directly.

IF i have more that 15 units in shop i will ask You to get on my RSVP list by printing out work order and send it with a $25.00 check to reserve Your place in line! RSVP FEE is deducted from total of bill. It is not refundable.
If you are not ready to send unit when i call it in for service. You will be extended a one year grace period for You to get back on the RSVP list.

Crockett Sound Laboratory

1958 to 1975
Crockett Sound Laboratory
Tony Mac Crutchfield
704 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA
Servicing all 1958 to 1985 station pointer models!
Five year transferable parts & labor warranty on radios.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

My resume is a lifelong passion for electronic music reproduction.
61 year old, second generation electronic service tech with over 50 years as a bench tech.
Zenith warranty work at the age of 12 in 1965.
Certified by RCA & Motorola in 1966.
Certified by Delco in 1967
I was the 43rd man? to ever get such an accreditation, after Delco looked through every High School and College for two years i was the only one they found with interest and in a position to be trained at the time. A few year later Dr. Amr Bose was add to the list!
Certified on N.A.P Magnavox digital products in 1999.
Live shows with top entertainers in the music business!
Installed & Serviced Equipment in numerous top of the line, state of the art Recording Studios.
I am one man shop, semi retired working on the old Delcos as my "HOBBY!". With the time each unit needs, finding parts, setting up shipping on 30 or so units a year turns into more work than i want!
Four to six months wait times! Are not unusual! If you can't wait, please don't Send me Your project! I'm working as fast as possible.
There is simply no way i can answer 50 or more emails phone calls a day and have time to work or radios.
Every question asked of me is answered on this website with better thought and more detail that i can put into individual phone calls or emails.
Unless! You are sending me a unit for restoration I am going to refer Your questions back to this website for You to find the answers to them.


RETURN SHIPPING QUOTE of $40.00 on a 12"X12"X12" box, 11 lbs or less, $1500.00 of value, signature required, UPS ~ FedX Ground. Add more for larger boxes, heavier weights, more value, rush shipments.

International shippers are welcome but You must take care of all the paper work!

PLEASE NOTE: When shipping stay with the 12X"12X12" 11lbs-ish size box!
They are less likely to get damaged in shipping! Because they are easier for those transferring them from one trailer to another in the shipping terminals to handle!
Try to center weight of box so they are easier to handle and, less likely to get dropped.
One radio and two speakers will fit this size box nicely.
When shipping a restoration unit and a parts unit. Put the main value on the box with restoration unit box.
It will not cost much IF any more to ship two 12" cube boxes than one a bit larger with a weight of 20 lbs.
I do not have the room to store larger boxes so big boxes go to the bottom of the stack and it takes longer for me to get to Your project!

One get to know me and one unnecessary phone call per restoration after that You are billed for time spent on phone. Sorry but there are only so many hours in a day and IF i spend that time on the phone then no one's radio get worked on! Answering more than 10 just checking on my radio phone calls a day and i have no time to work on radios.

PLEASE USE YOUR NAME AS SUBJECT & give me info on work i did & make, model of Your unit! I remember working on the radios not Your name!

I prefer a check as they fit into time frame need to do an adequate restoration on these vintage antique electronics nicely.

IF? You must pay with a credit card email me so i can set give instructions as how to do so.


PLEASE PACK AS I SHOW YOU! so shafts are protected if box fails!
Two units damaged in shipping have been sent to me that were packed by the shipping store. Yet shipper would not pay for damage. IF You are going to use the SHIPPERS PACKING PLEASE PRINT OUT PHOTOS AND MAY SURE THEY PACK IT THIS WAY AND YOU PLACE ENOUGH VALUE ON UNIT TO GET A REPLACEMENT!

Please use a sharpie or lead pencil and put Your last name on all items sent and, on case covers and radio, so all three have nomenclature at the same end. As shown in above photo. As well as all necessary electronic items such as external heat sinks, fader controls, etc. Fold masking tape over loose wires, connectors and print Your name on tape.

Please mark speakers on metal frame not on aluminum foil over magnets.

Please do not include mounting hardware such as knobs. shaft nuts not holding bezel in place, bolts. I do not need them and do not want to chance losing them.

Please do not send power antennas as i do not work on them.

PROTECT: Volume & Tuning shafts!
Shafts are what get damaged in shipping and cost BIG$$$~

REMOVE KNOBS FORM SHAFTS, COVER DIAL FACE, VOLUME/TONE, TUNING SHAFTS with a ''FIVE'' inch diameter roll of the bubble wrap, rolled as tight as You can get it, with the bubbles to the inside! tape roll so it can not unroll, place roll in plastic bag, slide radio's face against roll. Then tape roll to radios so it will stay in place

Do not put tape on case of radio it will be almost impossible for You to get glue off after it is on the case for any length of time. And will take off petenia built up over decades.

Most radios fit nicely catty corner in 12X12X12 boxes with speaker[s] on the sides. Fill with packing peanuts. DO NOT USE AIR BAGS! DO NOT USE AIR BAGS! THEY ARE SURE TO FAIL!

This method is how UPS ~ FedX wants unit packed for You to be able to get reimbursed in case of damage in shipment! It works much better than a one or two inch mummy rap, that is next to impossible to get into and does not protect shafts in shipping!

To protect both of us PLEASE! ONLY! ship by UPS ~ FedX Ground [we are in no rush!], make sure to keep tracking number, place as much VALUE on shipment as it will cost You to replace items sent, REQUIRE MY SIGNATURE! KEEP TRACKING CODE! So You can Track Your shipment on UPS ~ FedX site.

Once You have Your project properly packed and, are ready to ship. You can click on the UPS ~ FedX logo and from there website and print out a shipping label. Even set up a one time pick up for at Your door pickup of package. P/S FEDEX does not charger for this UPS does!
Because of high insured value of Your shipment You will need to print out two copies of UPS receipt Make sure to have driver sign and keep one copy for insurance claim if need. Drive will need the second copy.
With UPS ~ FEDEX shipping You can give to any UPS ~ FedX driver MAKE SURE UPS SIGNS YOUR RECEIPT FOR PACKAGE. FEDEX will scan right into the system.

Once unit is delivered PLEASE! EMAIL me with Your UPS ~ FedX Tracking code, asking for verification of my receipt of shipment. My confirmation email is Your 'CLAIM TICKET'. I think it best to print it out and retain both, until You have unit back in Your hands.


My deepest APOLOGIES to the 99.99% of my clients that make my now hobby such a joy! To have to bother You~All with such NON~SENSE as .01% of those Top-Gun WanAbes throw my way in hopes of being able to INTIMIDATE & BULLY me into letting them disrupt me from working on Your projects. To stop everything i am doing to serve them!

Until one actually has it repeatedly thrown in there face by these childish, immature, brats! It is impossible to understand. But if left to grow this attitude would take over my shop like Kudzu has over taken MISSISSIPPI!


I work on units sent in for Basic Electronic Restoration service in the order i am paid to do so! EXPEDITE FEE IS $1K: Get's Your unit next open spot on work bench. All other Terms of me agreeing to work on the unit still apply!

I.A.P.P.: I Avoid Pushy People!

A.V.O.: Avoid Verbal Orders:

I do not return phone calls!

I do not give out of the ''BLUE'' status updates! They waste a lot of time that is best spent working on radios! When i have something substantial You need to know i will e mail You. IF You can not maintain Your composure about me having Your unit then do not send it to me!

No "BIG DOG" special considerations! Please check Your "EGO" at the door! Each job get's the same consideration and concern! And with each unit taking the same time whether You send me one or ten i can not give volume discounts.

No radios by committee, appoint one person that is in charge of project and i will deal with them.

Please detail what work You want me to perform in WORK ORDER or changes in EMAIL So there is a written list to avoid confussion!

TIMELINE PREDICTIONS: I do not make them!
The first thing one has to take into account is how many other jobs i have on my books before i can get to Yours! So plan ahead and do not wait till January expecting to have Your radio restored by March.

Then it is impossible to say a 50 year old radio sight unseen is going to be ready in three or four weeks!

Each unit i restore will get three or four weeks on my work & testing bench to verify proper operation! MORE if i fell the unit needs it! That fell my be based on the sound of the pop in speaker i get when i first turn her on! Or a pushbutton with rough spot starting to show up.

It is IMPOSSIBLE! to rush a restoration on a 50 year old radio.

Designed & constructed to be OBSOLETE in eight years! So You buy a new car! That has suffered through some of the worst claimant conditions imaginable. That came with a 90 day warranty that i now give a Five Year Transferable Warranty on.

Some units will play great for three weeks then at the mention of going back into the box for their return trip home start smoking!

So I do not make time line predictions!
As some clients will start going spastic trying to totally disrupt shop productivity! If i do not meet such predictions! Calling every day having a nervous breakdown. This puts me in a great mood for working on radios!

Believe it or not i give 100% of my work day to these radios! I am doing the best i can! I do not need nor welcome anyone pushing me along! Just like the Delco Car Radios do not like it when i try to rush work on them home!!!

If You call before 2PM Central and catch me when i have been fighting off going to the bathroom of two hours in the middle of a 4 to 6 hour work session, to be interrupted by a phone call! At those time it is for sure going to take me 15 minutes to be able to get my head out of the radio to be able to talk to anyone about anything!

Until the last 10 years or so, most of my workload has been the 58 to 67 Corvette radios my website reflects that! Since i know these units much better than other models, from servicing serving several thousand of them from when they were new until 2015. They are going to be the first i work on.

Late 60s early 70s production years were the first generation of Delco Car Radio FM~Stereo units with each model and year seeing changes in technology as Delco experimented with new Integrated Circuits many of which are only found today in other like radios. And i deal with them on a case by case basis. Which can take a bit of time to find affordable parts donors! And i will be more than happy to leave that up to You!

Until i have done my Basic Electronic Restoration and played a unit for two weeks to seat the replace components. Repairing circuits if they fail. Giving circuits time to stabilized so they can they be fine tuned then still need a few more days playing time! To check of drifting!
I have no real clue as to what they in the end will need!

I do every thing i can think of to simulate real world conditions to make them quite playing on my work bench not under the dash of Your car.

Because i do not want to see them back in my shop under my FIVE YEAR ''TRANSFERABLE'' parts & labor warranty.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

MY CONCERN is what is in the best interest of the radio. Not You getting back with the X, or making the big car show or scheduling time with Your mechanic. Do not wait till the last minute! Sending me a unit on December 19 and wanting it back in February for a NCRS show is waiting till the last second! And i will mostly likely not have the time to get unit back in time for You!

The Delco Car Radio Stereos of my era are not restored as a shake and bake deal! They require a good deal of time and, years of electronic service experience on them and several thousands of dollars of test equipment! Along with a dedicated secluded work space! Clear head along with great eye to hand coordination! So some days are best spent cleaning up the shop rather than working on radios.

I watched a man who for 7.5 years was a radar tech for the Blue Angels come unglued because he could not repair a 66 Corvette unit and had to buy me a $100.00 steak lunch.

Experience with accent electronics or military radios does not translate into MUSIC reproduction! Or having a clue as what this era Delco Car Radio needs!

You can ''EXPECT!'' unit back when i can reasonably ''EXPECT!'' i will not be seeing it back till it is out of my: FIVE YEAR WARRANTY PERIOD!

Also do not "EXPECT" me to answer a out of the blue 'STATUS REPORT' other than with this message: I am either working on Your project or ones ahead of Your's so i can get started on Your project! I will let You know more when i have something 'SUBSTANTIAL' to tell You.
This does not mean You should not contact ever so often just to see if i am still alive.

Each year approximately 50% of my work comes in late October 20% just after the Daytona 500. I work on projects as i am paid, a few days either way getting on my work list or sending in unit, can mean two to six weeks or three to four months before i get started on Your unit.

If it were up to me then all that would be necessary to restore radios is to chant those magic words: "HOBUHEWIE~FRENCHFRIES" then slap them back in the box and, send em home. BUT THEY JUST WILL NOT WORK THAT WAY!

Some units take every trick i have learned since i started working on them for Delco in 1967. And a couple of nights sleeping on them to find the answer as to why an unusual problem shows up.


There is a $150.00 + $40.00 reship cost log in fee on all units sent into shop! This is NOT a check out fee!
Covers time spent on project! Before project reaches my work bench! Time spent on the phone, time spent answering emails, setting up return shipping, etc.

You can do the same as i can on a visual check out. Look over unit. Do You see anything broken? Case rusted? Oil on or inside unit? Was unit operated with a .6 Ohm loading coil? These items most likely will add additional cost to restoration. However Basic Electronic Restoration MUST be performed and unit played for at least two weeks before anything close to an accurate cost projection can be ascertained!

Minimum log in fee is meant to stop those demanding his radio and money be returned in an effort to force me work on his before radios sent in first. For those who refuse to read my website then attempt to take over my shop! Going to do things their way!

Upon receiving You Delco Car Radio back from Crockett Sound Laboratory open package and check for correct contents and damage. CSL will only honor missing items claims reported in thirty (30) days of shipment.

UPS & FEDEX will only honor damage claims to items for thirty (30) days.

Several have sent radios in for restorations with no paper work then try bulling me into a BER fee only or forcing their job ahead of others by demanding return of radio and all funds sent! So i remind You that there is a shop minimum of $150.00 + $40.00 reship fee* on any radio sent into shop! And this is NOT a MINIMUM CHECK OUT FEE!


Five year ''TRANSFERABLE'' warranty on radio.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

I ask "PLEASE!" if You are in any way unhappy! With my WORK ON A RADIO to ''PLEASE!'' let me know! So that i may deal with the issue. BUT do not start off screaming at me or Your best effort for an academy award for broken harted cupcake!

PLEASE! INCLUDE a WORK ORDER & CHECK to cover Basic Electronic Restoration Plus Reship fees I will do no work on any unit until i have both of these.

Please tape work & check to inside of a box flap & mark outside of box flap with X where work order is.
Please~Click here to get to CSL'S WORK~ORDER FORM"