Crockett Sound Laboratory

1958 to 1975
Crockett Sound Laboratory
Tony Mac Crutchfield
704 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA
Servicing all 1958 to 1985 station pointer models!
Five year transferable parts & labor warranty on radios.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

My resume is a lifelong passion for electronic music reproduction.
61 year old, second generation electronic service tech with over 50 years as a bench tech.
Zenith warranty work at the age of 12 in 1965.
Certified by RCA & Motorola in 1966.
Certified by Delco in 1967
I was the 43rd man? to ever get such an accreditation, after Delco looked through every High School and College for two years i was the only one they found with interest and in a position to be trained at the time. A few year later Dr. Amr Bose was add to the list!
Certified on N.A.P Magnavox digital products in 1999.
Live shows with top entertainers in the music business!
Installed & Serviced Equipment in numerous top of the line, state of the art Recording Studios.
I am one man shop, semi retired working on the old Delcos as my "HOBBY!". With the time each unit needs, finding parts, setting up shipping on 30 or so units a year turns into more work than i want!
Four to six months wait times! Are not unusual! If you can't wait, please don't Send me Your project! I'm working as fast as possible.
There is simply no way i can answer 50 or more emails phone calls a day and have time to work or radios.
Every question asked of me is answered on this website with better thought and more detail that i can put into individual phone calls or emails.
Unless! You are sending me a unit for restoration I am going to refer Your questions back to this website for You to find the answers to them.


If this is Your idea of a proper work bench!

Please Read No Further: Hit Your back button and get professional help!

First and most important: When connecting audio components DISCONNECT BATTERY GROUND, -, NEGATIVE LEAD FIRST AND LAST!

Stop NOW and remind yourself that a car battery is DANGEROUS!, VERY! DANGEROUS!, VERY! VERY! DANGEROUS!!!.

It can EXPLODE and soak one with a nasty ACID! Always wear eye protection when dealing with a car battery!

NEVER LAY ANY TOOL ON A CAR BATTERY screwdrivers, pliers, etc as they will weld them self to the terminals become RED HOT INSTANTLY and EXPLODE BATTERY in a heartbeat!

If one had to jump start a car with a dead battery never bump terminals of a dead battery to see which is positive & negative or cross phase the POSITIVE & NEGATIVE aka hook them up backwards. This is a sure way to fry out a large number of components instantly

Never remove a battery wire with car running! I will most likely take out the voltage regulator in the alternator by doing so!

You only get one shot with the wires that hook up to the speakers. They must never touch each other or ground. Not always true! But live by this rule to be on the safe side.

Never power up a radio with naked wires laying around, tape, use wire nuts or connectors but always INSULATE them!

Radios inside a metal building will not pickup stations good. Shielding electronics in metal is called a Faraday Cage IF building has a good ground radio will not pick up any stations.

Be genital but Clean antenna connector with rubber pencil eraser. Keep antenna mast clean of wax and oxidation. clean with Brillo or bright pad.

Never bench test a radio i just sent back to You! Install it in car and make sure all connections are 100% right recheck then hook battery ground back up.

When in doubt chicken out! and ask for help.

SPEAKERS: Are the tires of a sound system, done right they will give about five years of use. but are easy to blow, and the sun loves to munch on them.

Disk Jockeys SCREAMING will blow speakers for you!

Over power speakers once and they are DEAD. But UNDER~POWERING blows more speakers. You keep turning up volume to get some punch and distort the amp driving the speaker's voice coil side ways in the gap and bam she's gone taking out the amp with her!

Look for speakers that have a SPL rating of 91 DB or above with ONE WATT of power NOT the 150 watt speakers!
6X9" and 6 1/2" are the best sounding speakers! You may add a 15" for more bottom end. They need to mounted solid. I use MDF board to add support to the rear package tray area.

Use glass or hard surfaces to reflect sound. Small tweeters can be silicone glued to in place so as to point right at Your ears as much as possible. Sun visor, windshield, door post, or just about anywhere but be careful the silicone glue will pull paint off metal sometimes it will mark chrome & vinyl. Most of the time it will rub off with no trace. But be careful and do not damage a classic!

Never believe anything a salesman tells You! Verify their statements!

If you say to yourself, self I am going to do this & take a break STOP IMMEDIATELY! There is tomorrow or it won't matter anyway.

Do not think that you a some kind if genus ALL the good audio stuff was discovered in the late 1800's and early 1900's cepting this digital stuff and that's just P.F.M.

If you believe the D.S.C.B.E.s test reports then you will never know that TUBES are the best sounding amps!



Disconnect battery ground lead. Never use a wire brush on battery terminals. Clean them with clean cloth rag or good quality paper towel. Dispose of rat or towel immediately. Keep top of battery clean at all times.

Take a pencil eraser and gently CLEAN ANTENNA connector's small tip and large barrel. Raise power antenna and clean mast with degreaser let dry and then. Do not get degreaser on paint.

Wiper noise from windshield antennas is caused by dirty windshield & wiper blades! Dirty blades generate static electricity and that is what cause the noise! Clean blades and windshield with DAWN coat with RainX & put on a good blade treatment.

Volume & Tuning shafts use two set of nuts, one to hold shafts to radio and one set to hold radio to dash! Do not let shafts slide back into radio! Only using outside nuts can cause BIG PROBLEMS!!!

Hook up ALL wires, Make sure radio is OFF, Reconnect battery's ground lead and turn on Key, and then turn on Radio, Wonder Bar Radios have a tube that controls seek, when they are first turned on and you push the seek button they will move the dial pointer a short distance on dial and stop if you push seek again it will move the same short distance and stop until tube worms up.

The ANTENNA TRIMMER control will need to be adjusted to match radio with CAR'S antenna, it will be close but for best reception it has to be done in the car, adjust gently turn to tighten and back of a few degrees to best spot on weak 1400 station.
To Adjust how many stations seek stops on adjust sensitivity control, the small slide switch in middle of the seek button for proper operation.

AFTER INSTALL: If it is a TUBE unit it will take about 30 seconds to one minute to warm up.

If car is in 40××××╝â or less temperature let car heater warm up radio before turning on, it is possible for tubes to brake glass from heating up if it is cold enough! If it is a solid state radio you may turn on immediately.



Wires either hook up, power leads, speaker leads on audio systems are NO place to try and save a few dollars always go with a bigger wire than books call for. It is the AWG size of the copper wire that is important! Not the bulk of plastic coating! A 10 AWG wire is one third smaller than an 8 AWG wire. Each two digits go up or down is 1/3 larger or smaller than the next. 20 AWG is very small 0 AWG is very large.

HOOK UP WIRES: Are where a lot of noise from outside electrical devices like blower fans come from look for a two conductor with a full braided or foil shield. Foil is the best shield but not as durable.
Best car audio hook up cables will us a high grade stage use microphone cable with 1/8, 3.5 mm, TRS Tip Ring Sleeve, mini headphone Switch Craft or Nextrix connectors custom solder on. Then as short as possible jumper to the amps RCAs.
Mini TRS connectors are by far the easiest to work into cars with out having to remove interior panels.

Monster cables are JUNK with a lot of plastic and very little copper wire & shielding.


As large Wattage power amps need more amps to run on than it takes to start some car! You will need to add 2 wires [size from 10GA to 00Ga depending on size of amp with FUSES on both wires at the battery! so as they can not touch metal with out going through a fuse!] going to the amp then on to the the radio with a 16GA or larger!

These new wires from the battery becomes the power leads for ALL the sound system! Grounds on radio shaft and antenna will need to be insulated from car ground! iPod, mP3 Players, etc should also use these for power IF not using their own batteries.

This STAR GROUNDING is BASIC AUDIO 101 it's the way recording studios tie all their grounds together to stop the NOISES caused by GROUND LOOPS! It keeps out as much electrical noise from motor pops, alternator whine, plug wire EMI, CBs, heater blower fizzle, without the need of filters that help but don't work!

When a star ground system is correctly installed and there is still noise in audio then it is going to be a bad battery or alternator or both!

When the bass notes start to dim headlights a second battery is going to be need! Power Caps do 1/1,000,000 as much as adding a second battery would and cost twice as much.