1958 to 1975
Crockett Sound Laboratory
Tony Mac Crutchfield
704 Hwy 54 South
Alamo TN 38001 USA
Servicing all 1958 to 1985 station pointer models!
Five year transferable parts & labor warranty on radios.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

My resume is a lifelong passion for electronic music reproduction.
61 year old, second generation electronic service tech with over 50 years as a bench tech.
Zenith warranty work at the age of 12 in 1965.
Certified by RCA & Motorola in 1966.
Certified by Delco in 1967
I was the 43rd man? to ever get such an accreditation, after Delco looked through every High School and College for two years i was the only one they found with interest and in a position to be trained at the time. A few year later Dr. Amr Bose was add to the list!
Certified on N.A.P Magnavox digital products in 1999.
Live shows with top entertainers in the music business!
Installed & Serviced Equipment in numerous top of the line, state of the art Recording Studios.
I am one man shop, semi retired working on the old Delcos as my "HOBBY!". With the time each unit needs, finding parts, setting up shipping on 30 or so units a year turns into more work than i want!
Four to six months wait times! Are not unusual! If you can't wait, please don't Send me Your project! I'm working as fast as possible.
There is simply no way i can answer 50 or more emails phone calls a day and have time to work or radios.
Every question asked of me is answered on this website with better thought and more detail that i can put into individual phone calls or emails.
Unless! You are sending me a unit for restoration I am going to refer Your questions back to this website for You to find the answers to them.


Delco factory Certified Service, Repair, Restorations for 1958 to 1975:
Signal Seeking Wonder Bar, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Corvette, Camaro, Chevelle, GMC Trucks, Oldsmobile, 442, Cutlass, Pontiac, GT0, JUDGE, Le Mans , Jaguar, Lincoln, Chrysler, Imperial, Avanti, Studebaker, Packard, Willys, Opel, &, John Deere units.
Servicing 1958 to 1985 pointer units.
Speaker Restorations for Survivors and, NCRS show points.

Private Malone i will make those pushbutts in Your 66 Corvette play like
Bobby Whitlock's B3

T.A. Edison's Lost Lathe
COTTONFIELDS Recording Studio Tube Guitar Amp Restorations PHOTOS 2
ProShow Sound TN Concert Sound FACEBOOK Murphy Odom & Assoiciates



I work on units in the order in i am paid. First to pay First to get worked on!

PREPAYMENT for make and model's Basic Electronic Restoration [listed below] + $40.00 return ship REQUIRED before i will work on any unit! Units sent without prepayment WILL BE ADDED TO WORK LIST WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.





Degreasing inside of radio with CRC Elector Mechanical Cleaner*

Clearing PCB traces of foreign materials.

Visually, physically and, real world checking for cold solder joints, repairing as necessary.

Cleaning & lubricating tuning mechanism.

Replacing all lamps, electrolytic capacitors, resistors that are normally go bad parts preventing unit from operating properly.

Playing unit for two weeks 24/7 on a 750 Cold Cranking Amp real life battery. To seat electrolytic capacitors, doing every thing i can think of to make a unit fail on my work bench. Not when it is back under the dash of Your car.

Rough RF coils alignment.

Freezing unit for 24 hours.

Checking unit for proper operation.

Baking unit for 24 hours.

Checking unit for proper operation and let play for at least two more days. While unit is cycled on and off for 15 minutes at a time on external electronic timer.

Close attention to detail fine tuning of RF coils.

At any point i fell unit my not quit be right repeating any or all the above steps. Constantly poking with small wooden paint brush handle. Bouncing unit off work bench.

Cleaning outside bezel or face area with Novus cleaner polish.

My Basic Electronic Restoration is all about 80% of the clean core units need.

ANY PARTS NOT LISTED in Basic Electronic Restoration as: Volume Control pods, tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, coils, mechanical tuning parts, speaker, new chrome, lens and, other cosmetic parts or procedures, will be charged as necessary.

BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION must be performed and unit played for two weeks before any troubleshooting of failed circuits can performed. Or any reliable judgment of actual condition of any unit! Can be determined!

Restoring a unit under my BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION service I work on them as i am paid to do so.

IF you wish to get the next open spot on my workbench my EXPEDITE FEE IS $1K: All other Terms of me agreeing to work on the unit still apply!


With a ''FIVE YEAR TRANSFERABLE'' parts & labor warranty on radio.
One year warranty on speaker restorations.

  • RETURN SHIPPING $40.00 for: ''SIGNATURE REQUIRED'' UPS Ground with $1500.00 of insured value on a 12"X 12" X 12" box , 11 pounds or less, to Continental USA locations! IF You want
  • Tune UP $150.00 in 5th to 10th year after my Basic Electronic Restoration I will go through replace E~Caps with new, re align tuning coils and check for proper operation.
  • EXPEDITE FEE IS $1K: Get's Your unit next open spot on work bench. All other Terms of me agreeing to work on the unit still apply!
  • Shop Log in Fee: $150.00 plus $40.00 reship IF after my first visual inspection of unit i think it is not RESTORABLE for my BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION fee. Or client is unwilling to wait his turn in line. A refund from funds sent with unit to cover the Basic Electronic Restoration will be made. {If You only send in $190.00 then unit will not get on my work list until i receive balance for BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION PLUS RESHIP}

    NO JUST CHECK IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT IT IS GOING TO COST. I WILL NOT EVEN TURN ON A UNIT UNTIL MY BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION IS PREFORMED. The only way one can truly check out one of these fifty or so year old radios is to fully electronically restore it & play for at least two weeks. So the idea of a ''CHECK OUT'' is ''NON~SENSE!''
    You can do the same visual inspection of the radio as i. IF it is somewhat playing been in the dash for years then it is most likely a good clean core for restoration. IF unit's outside case is badly rusted, oil soaked. Unit sat for a long time in body shop, or had a fire extinguisher sprayed on it. Or eBay find then expect additional charges.

  • AM Manual Tune $200.00
  • AM Push button $250.00
  • AM WonderBar post 58 models $400.00
  • 63 AM WonderBar early production Corvette $400.00
  • AM/FM~Mono WonderBar $450.00
  • AM/FM~Stereo WonderBar $500.00
  • AM/FM Mono $300.00 Unless otherwise noted.
  • 63,64 AM/FM Mono $400.00 All makes and models use separate FM Tuner giving a lot of problems limited number of parts donor radios because of low production numbers.
  • 1965,66,67 Corvette $400.00 Suffered from poor assembly of the RF tuning coil boards, causing them to go on and off with a bump in road. Most units will need to be completely disassembled to remove this board to resolder properly. Delco said that only the last 20% of the 67 model run were correct. Factory fix was to get unit playing and pour bees wax over PCB. Delco paid me to do over 300 of these unit in 67 & 68 when i was 14 years old!
  • FM~Stereo Multiplex Adapter $350.00
  • AM/FM~Stereo $350.00
  • AM Stereo 8 Track Tape $450.00
  • AM/FM~Stereo 8 Track Tape $500.00
  • AM/FM~Stereo 8 Track CB $600.00
  • 8 Track Tape $450.00
  • Reverb Tanks $150.00
  • Speaker Restoration is replacing soft parts of original Delco metal frame. Add $50.00 if not done with BASIC ELECTRONIC RESTORATION SERVICE
    PLEASE NOTE: Radio with shorted output will destroy a good speaker!
    Bad speaker will destroy good output stage of radio!
    MOST: Clean core basket $150.00
  • 6X9 Corvette Air Conditioner 1-3/4" deep speaker $200.00
    NOTE: Speaker baskets with soft parts that are dry rotted dust bowls or filled with other debris, have a $25.00 clean up fee added to reconing fee. So put the junk in Your trash can! Save rubber gasket that seals speaker to dash!
  • Line Input Added for using CD, iPod, etc with Delco $150.00
  • Line Out Added so Delco drives big Watt power amp $150.00
  • Transportable I do not service!
  • Pre 1958 Vibrator B+ type radios: AT THIS TIME! I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY OF THE PRE 1958 UNITS! Because:

    They take 10 times more parts and, a great deal more time!

    Cost of parts going up 10X since 2010.

    Lack of experience with only working on 75 or so.

    An overwhelming workload of the 58 to 85 units.

  • Minimum fee $150.00 for any unit sent in to shop. This for those thinking they will ship a unit then start pressuring to have their work done before others sending in units. With the "Send me my radio and money back then!" statement.

    You can do the same as i in visually inspecting for rust, cut or burnt wires, oil, fire extinguisher residue, bent or broken shafts etc. And each unit must have a Basic Electronic Restoration before any one can have a good idea as to what shape any my era radios are actually in.

  • RETURN SHIPPING $40.00 for: ''SIGNATURE REQUIRED'' UPS ~ FEDEX Ground with $1500.00 of insured value on a 12"X 12" X 12" box , 11 pounds or less, to Continental USA locations!

    If You are out of country and want me to restore Your Delco i will be glad to do so. BUT You will have to arrange for return shipping when You send in unit. It simply takes to much time for me to do so. So i leave return shipping up to You.

  • ELECTRONICALLY TUNED RADIOS or ETR RADIOS with the digital readout: $500.00 labor to assemble one working unit form parts donor cores that You find and supply & receive back with working radio. IF needed.

    Electronically Tuned Radios radios were the first generation of DISPOSABLE electronics! I do have electrolytic capacitors and power amp ICs. But the ONLY way to service one with tuner, display, control problems or do cosmetics on bezel is to take as many parts units as necessary and make ONE working unit out of it!

    Production runs for many are entirely different radios insides so one has to exactly match the model number to get a matching parts radio. Each radio run seems to need the same boards replaced so finding a good one may take going through 2,3,4 donor units to find a good PC Board.

    They take three times longer for me to restore than one 66 Corvette unit because of my unfamiliarity with them.


    Any thing but a cleaning of the outside bezel is going to take value off of a surviving classic car! ""IT IS ONLY FACTORY ONCE!!""

    IF asked i will rescreen interior bezels and pointers cost to be determined by work done. On a 66 Corvette it is $150.00

    Normal cosmetology is cleaning the outside bezel.

    IF inside cleaning is requested it is with Your understanding that sometime paint flakes, rust spots show up under dirt and RESCREENING my be required and charged on the amount of work required.

    Chrome, Lens, Number overlays:
    I do not stock nor order for You. Order them Your self and i prefer they be include with shipment of radio. Drop shipments will be accepted BUT i prefer You have the parts first and check to see IF they meet Your quality expectations!

    Any number of the .com venders offers these.
    Trim Part is the official licenced GM vendor with the closest to factory look. has the best looking new chrome parts. Distinctly different than the factory look however.

    Re Chrome: I have yet to see i would pay for! A lot more difficult to install. The best looking is soft and scratches very easily! Not worth the effort is my call! at this time!

    IF You insist on rechroming it is best to have me remove parts and send to the plating service of Your choice.
    I will no longer try and tell anyone how to remove the pushbuttons so they can ship to platers. The four attempts i made to do so, ended in disaster! As a great deal of damage was done to the mechanical pushbutton tuning. To repair takes a couple of day labor. And i was expected to absorb the cost!

    When a case is rusted i will clear coat to stop rust! But leave original patina.

    I do not buff outside case to make radio look new again! I am an Electronic Service Expert not a body shop! It makes me sneeze repeated for a couple of hours then i can not think for weeks! Very counter productive to electronic service.

    One reason i do not set up a work-space for this service is that I receive very few request to do this. Most of my clients want the patina that only comes from age to stay! With their survivor classic Delco Car Radio. I do not have the space in my shop to set up a suitable work area. And it will take me years to recoup cost of doing so.

    Another is that the worst restoration butcher jobs i see come in to my shop have this beautiful case on the outside, with pitiful workmanship in the restoration on the inside! I am told they were bought of eBay?

    Taking a dry dremal cotton buffing pad will bring back an amazingly nice finish. IF there are no rust blemish or other stains on the case.

    IF this is what You want for Your custom or rat~rod then best advice i have is to buff it out Yourself or have a body shop do this work then send me the radio for Electronic Restoration.

    AGAIN i advise those with SURVIVOR CLASSIC CARS to do as little to alter the appearance as possible. You retain value by doing NOTHING!

    One episode of Antique Road Show featured a gentleman from Boston with a BEAUTIFUL Queen Ann chest of draws.
    In a snobbish delight he told of how they had inherited it form his wife's folks. Chest had orginal horrible, crackled dark reddish finish and of how he paid his man James $5,000.00 to restore chest's beautiful finish!

    The lady doing the appraisal worked him over by saying. Well it is certainly a BEAUTIFUL finish! Should bring $50,000.00 at auction.
    She let him gloat a bit with his smile and body langue! Then scolding said IF You had left that horrible, cracked, dark reddish finish it would easily bring $180,000.00 or more! The gentleman was not so full of it any more!

    Multi-Plex Adapters:

    Many of my era AM/FM Mono Delco Radios are set up to work with a separate box to give FM~Stereo Operation. Some will have a shorting plug in the back, a round metal housing with a arm coming off the side with one screw holding it in place, multi pin connector some all in line some two rows of pins, that can be removed and a Multi-Plex Adapter plugged into the radio.

    Others have the wires coming out of them and a connector on the Adapter for the radio wires to plug into.

    Some of the Multi-Plexers have four knobs with unit mounting under dash so as to allow one to work the controls. Others are just a box hidden out of the way with wires and connector to plug into radio or connector for wires coming off radio to plug into.

    Less than 7000 of the 1967 units with four knobs were ever made.

    Multi-Plex Adapters were Delco first attempt into FM~Stereo very difficult to align and work on, many never worked from the factory! These units have parts only found today in other units and since the limited numbers made these go for premium dollars today.


    In audio Your sound quality is only as good as the weakest link. The weakest link in the system is the speakers! Moving at several 1000s a time a second, Sun backed, frozen they are as fragile as a set of tires. Factory Delco speakers of my era never were very good sounding in the first place!

    Upgrading to new modern day HIGH~PRO speakers is the first and most important step and least costly item to replace for getting a great sound from a vintage Delco. Yes the new 4 Ohm speakers WILL WORK in place of the Delco specified 8 Ohm units BUT the output transistor's collector will need to be rebaised.

    Speakers are not included in my basic fee. They are the tires of the sound system. They need to be checked with any Basic Electronic Restoration, Speakers are the most important and first part to fail in radios! Five years is about the life span of car speakers! Without the speakers that will be used i can only make a swag adjustment on the output bias.

    I see radios come in with no speaker, then when returned and installed i get spastic phone call saying "SHE DOES NOT WORK" finally the speaker is sent in and, their is nothing but metal left!

    CORVETTE SPEAKERS: I see many output transformer on NEW SPEAKERS that are sold by big name Corvette vendors today with a .6 Ohm coil that make radios run at a hand blistering temp You must WAKE~UP and check Yours for 1.5 Ohms across the speaker unplugged from radio. ANY THING LESS THAN 1.3 Ohms is to LOW! and is a ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN! Radio plays good for 15 minutes or so and then sound gets FUZZY. Real problem is what it does over time to the covering on wire feeding 12 Volts to the radio as well as the feed going to the radio fuse.

    I have NO idea what speaker Your car needs! that info is best documented by measuring what is their now!

    If one is wanting a quality speaker then a new modern High~Pro speaker is the only option
    DISREGARD the incorrect rumors of 4 Ohm speakers not working in place of the 8 Ohm Delco speakers. Those spreading these inaccuracies may? Simply not know How to rebias the radios so that they will work with the my era Delco Car Radios.

    What is IMPORTANT is the DC Voltage across speaker leads! Warm radio up for 15 minutes the measure for 1.3 to 1.5 Volts DC.

    Alnico magnets while losing a few points of gauss over the years are still some of the most sought after collector vintage AUDIOPHILE components today! With a pair of blown JBL LE75 going for well over $500.00 in many eBay auctions.

    Because they are still the best sounding speaker magnets ever made! But the government will not allow ALNICO Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt speakers magnets to be made today. Due to the health problems plant workers suffered from!

    I have finally made the $5k investment in parts need to restore many of the vintage Delco speakers and started doing them myself.

    Spiders and, Voice Coils are Delco Clones so the new speaker cone is the determining factor in sound quality.

    I have 4X10 Delco clone cones so they sound factory. 3.5" tweeters, 6X9X3" cone though not clones sound as good as factory GM/Delco speakers did when new.

    Cones for 6X9X1.5 special thin speakers for Air Condition cars, that i have are a bit thicker with a bit more bass so one will need to take a bit of bass out with tone control. I just do not see suppliers setting up a 10K piece run for such little demand as there are for these.

    They do sound good enough for NCRS not to deduct points in judging Your 63 Corvette Split Window Coupe though!

    I also CAUTION anyone think about plugging a new speaker to a old tired Delco or a non working radio!:
    IF the output transistor is shorted dumping 12 Volts DC into a new speaker it will take out the new speaker's voice coil in .5 nanoseconds.

    And the old Delco Output Transistor has a trate no other output transistor i have encountered has.
    When all but the Delco's short they stay shorted. The Delco's short when they get hot after 15 or 20 minutes of playing. Once they cool down they work again until they get hot and short out aging dumping 12 Volts DC into voice coils designed for AC voltage.

    IF You want a much better than factory GM sounding speakers then modern High~Pro are the only hope! High~Pro speakers are strongly recommendation if one is having a line input add for digital devices.
    Or with a HIGH POWER AMPLIFIER driven by line outputs i install on the Delco Car Radios!

    New High~Pro audiophile quality 6X9 speakers start at $99.99 each for a raw speaker.
    Sunshield, much larger 16 awg oxygen free speaker wire. Or Corvette Loading coil If needed adds a few dollars.

    How anyone can expect them two little 4 inch dual speaker to move the air need for deep bass reproduction or come close to sounding as good as one High~Pro 6X9 dual VOICE COIL speaker is NONSENSE!

    KICK PANEL SPEAKER MOUNTING: Unless You have ears growing out of Your ankles they are total wast of time and money!

    Speaker placement must allow the air speakers move to reach Your ears in as a direct path as possible.

    Using glass to reflect sound like a mirror would light is how to think of speaker location in custom installations!

    SPEAKER RESTORATION: If You are looking for show points i restore factory Delco speakers using vintage metal basket replacing soft sure to be bad voice coil, spider, cone, SunShield.

    Parts are available to restore these speakers: 3-1/4 inch mid-range, 4X6 inch used in kick panels, 5X7, 6X9X3, 6X9X1.5 & 4X10 inch speakers with a cone depth of 1-1/2 inch, 6X9 & 4X10 in the 3/4 inch depth. 6 inch used in the center of the back seat of some convertibles. 8 inch used in the 1953 to 1957 models.

    Speaker restoratios fees are $150.00 on all except the 6X9X1.5 used in 65,66,67 Corvette Air Conditioned models. Fee for the shallow cones 6X9 AC speaker restoration is $200.00
    Speaker baskets with soft parts that are dry rotted dust bowls or filled with other debris, have a minim $25.00 clean up fee added to restorations fee. The UKIERI the debris the more it cost You! So take a wire brush and scraper and, put the junk in Your trash can! IF unit has a rubber gasket at the top leave it in place because it will have to be reused to seal off dash.



    Factory 6X9 Delco Corvette speaker with loading coil. Corvette radios 1961 to 1967 must have a speaker loading coil of 1.5 Ohms.

    The yellow aftermarket coil should be checked for proper impedance of 1.5 ohms and are ''BAD'' until proven good! I see a lot of them that are .25 and .6 Ohm. With a load of less than 1.5 Ohms the radio will play fine for 15~20 minutes, then the radio OVER HEATS and, the sound becomes fuzzy! RETURN ALL NEW CORVETTE SPEAKERS with a coil less than 1.5 Ohms AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK BEFORE IT BURNS YOUR VETTE [maybe Your house or garage] TO THE GROUND!

    My custom/hand wound Vett speaker loading coil is the best sounding one on the market today! An exact match to factory units! use with any 6X9 in Your 61~67 Corvette! $49.99


    I cut my electromechanical teeth on 8 track tapes. When they first came out i was overjoyed! A good signal compared to AM and weak FM with only one FM~Stereo station a 100 miles away in Memphis. The ruled the day!

    In the 10th grade 1969 i purchased a 15' pancake of graphite based 1/4' magnetic recording tape used in the 8 track cartridges. Would pay my buddies $0.25 for a bad cart then reload them and, rerecord them with my favorite tunes. If i can not restore a Delco 8 track player then i do not believe anyone else can! They lead me to doing factory service on Akai reel to reel 8 track combos many of our Vets brought back from Vietnam. Then to the professional recording studio 2" 24 track MCI units costing $75,000.00 in the 70s with a 20 minute tape running $200.00.

    Back then if a guitar picker missed a lick You recorded the track off the master onto a full track 1/4 inch machine. Take a single edge razor blade cut out the bad spot. Join the ends back together with clear Christmas paper wrapping tape and rerecord track back on master 24 track tape. And i was a pro a editing because of making all those 8 track carts back in school days.

    Delco 8 track tape players were built dead on to industry standards for speed and tracking channels. However by the end of their dominance tape manufacturers were recording on less than perfect machines.
    The Delco's lack or front panel adjustments to make up for the slightly off tape were there biggest problem in design.

    Delco stand alone T400 8 Track Tape Players switch the radio off when a tape is inserted use a one inch diameter X 1/8 thick switch that has 16 1/8 Amp contacts this switch, switching speakers and 12 Volts from radio to tape, gives lots of problems often causing both radio and tape to go up in smoke! Only way to reliable solve this problem is to use factory switch to trigger relays glued to the back of tape deck. With a fee of $450.00, $250.00 for the Basic Electronic Restoration and $200.00 for adding the 15 Amp relays.

    While 8 trace tape players are fairly reliable with only the belts needing replacement as common maintenance item. They do need frequently cleaning of the tape path ~one bad tape can cause a lot of work~ and magnetic head demagnetized quite often.

    Eight track tapes cartridges had lots of problems when new starting with the tape carts them self pulling the tape from the center of a closed loop, so they never worked that great in the first place. Sticky shed syndrome and, a host of age related problems today.

    Normal wear of heads caused by the sandpaper effect of tape passing over them, so units with high use, will need replacement of head or, outside of this shop relaping service that is not covered in Basic Electronic Restoration. The first test of wear is to drag a wooden Q~Tip stick vertical across tape path. IF a notch at top & bottom is felt, then excessive head wear is indicated. Result is increase of tape "HISS", poor tracking, distorted sound, excessive wear to the magnetic tape in the carts.

    2013 saw many parts vendors dropping the drive belts form inventory! They are need regularly to maintain eight track tape players [about the same life as a set of tires]. Belt price have gone up 10 times over there cost last year. As they get at best 3 years of heavy use and 5 year shelf life they are always going to be need. And now almost impossible to find!

    This is a great page on how to repair 8 track tape carts.

    New Accessories: Do note collectors say that no matter what the old looks like! the new stuff takes DOLLAR$ off VALUE!

    MOST Dial Lens, Chrome, Knobs & Buttons used by DELCO ! are avaible thru NCRS.ORG , VetVue, Hemming s,TrimParts, OPG, .COM~ERS etc. I do not stock them! I prefer You order trim parts and send in with radio.
    I will be glad to hang new chrome, rescreen bezel parts and, pointer for You. Cost depends on work required.

    The Delco is left as it was built! All of my modifications are reversible leaving no trace of work ever being done! Using true modern day technology to enhance the performance of Your DELCO! Yes they do use external black box best mounted out of the way in the trunk, BUT with 10 of your favorite CD's loaded in quick change clip (no djs or commercials ), and enough power to blow the back glass out of a Vette! or out blast SS396 side pipes! All set up with a neat factory type audio/wiring harness for Your CLASSIC! Controlled by Your DELCO'S VOLUME & TONE You will wonder how You ever lived without a HIGH PERFORMANCE SOUND SYSTEM!

    IF you would like a TOP OF THE LINE DIGITAL RECORDING STUDIO sound system!

    Here is How:

    Are the first place to start, by upgrading the stock 87 db speakers & adding Acoustical treatment you will greatly improve sound quality.

    Six by nine inch speakers are the basic building block in my ear GM cars.
    Amazingly good quality 6X9 speakers can be had for about $100.00 i like the ones with titanium tweeters my self. Look for ones with a 91 or above SPL DB rating for that punch in the face. Without having to have huge Wattage power amps.

    It actually comes down to what they sound like in the car but some listening test will aid one in witch speakers best suit ones ears. So listen with Your ears and not to what the sales man is pushing!

    I see a lot of folks pushing two 4 1/2" speakers mounted on a 6 X 9" base plate so that you have something to hook the extra stereo output up to, so it does not short out smoking the fuse. While on paper it looks good YOU loose all the bottom end and punch. Keep the 6 X 9" but use a dual coil speaker that both sides of a stereo will drive for vehicles with only one 6X9 opening and, add two silver dollar size tweeters, You can silicone glue them to the windshield & they can be removed without a trace.

    LINE IN:
    For my Line Level wiring is high grade stage use microphone cable, extremely flexible 8mm O.D. with inline professional Neturix mini stereo headphone, TRS, 1/8 stereo, 3.5mm stereo female. Extending out the back of Delco Car Radio Stereo approximately 18 inches. Hook up cables to mate with the mini TRS to almost any device made. Can be found at Radio Shack if not supplied with devise. That way devise can be carried into Radio Shack to insure proper mating!

    I can also custom make professional recording studio grade distribution to plug into the mini trs for additional inputs or feeding power amps with finger tip control of input level on multi amp systems used in Resto Rods & Rat~Rods! Or there are several consumer & professional grade switching boxes and level controllers made for off the shelf compatibility.

    To get the best sound out of a Delco you need a Digital input! The easy way to Digital sound is by adding a mount anywhere R.F. Converter Trouble is they just DO NOT sound as good as a LINE LEVEL radio!

    LINE IN:

    My Passive state of the art discrete component circuitry line In feeds the purest uncloured absolutely no distortion audio into the Delco from any device with line out or headphone output such as iPod, iPad, iWhatever, XM Radio, cell phone, MP3 Player that stores 100s of CD'S, that your load from your computer. Even a portable CD, Cassette, 8 Track unit. Into the Delco with amazing sound quality. Controlled by Delco's Volume and, tone controls just as it was a AM or FM station without all the reception problems.

    With amplifier remote turn on sensing lead.
    My top of the line state of the art discrete component line output circuitry will feed uncloured absolutely no distortion, pristine audio through the Delco's Volume and tone controls to power amps (POWER AMPS: Are the motor for sound system and their is lot of horsepower {Watts} for the dollar now days!) with the DELCO'S Volume, Balance, and Tone controlling the sound! Feed the NEW LINE OUT of the Delco to as many POWER AMPS, EQ'S, DIGITAL SOUND PROCESSORS & SPEAKERS as you have battery to power! A 1000 watts mono on the lows, 600 watts 4 channel on the mids (2 with 15 mil.sec of delay 2 with stereo flanging*), 200 watts for the tweeters. Now that will run with the strongest SS396 side pipes in Mono and ShutEmDown! Out of the hole! in Stereo Surround Sound!

    NOTE: Large Wattage power amp require large gauge power wires from the battery on the order of 8 & 4 AWG depending on run length to drive say 180 Watt amplifier and, special wiring techniques to control noise. See my TECH TIPS page where You will find how is the best way to do so.

    I see RIDICULOUS claims of 180 Watt power amps being installed inside the Delco's case! And new radio claiming 250 watts of power. AS if it is just a plug and go operation. There is NO WAY GM's 22 AWG wiring or a 7.5 amp fuse is going to pull the necessary current to drive a 180 Watt amp. A 180 Watt amp will pull as much current as the starter does, on the order of 50 Amps. And dim the headlights going down the road at 75 MPH with a good B note from a bass guitar! SALES NONSENSE!
    While there is all ways debate on how to rate power amp wattage. To me RMS is the true measure of an Amplifiers WATTS. Measured by taking an AC Volt meter measuring for highest AC Volt Value at the point of just below distorting the amp.

    Say You get 10 Volts Multiply the Volts X Volts so 10VX10V=100 now divide 100 by Ohms of speaker 8 100/8=12.5 Watts, Or 100/4=25 Watts.
    Now comes the out the side of there mouth sales talk with IHF and Peak to Peak standards of salesmanship measurement and there value for Watts is way overly EXAGGERATED of the real watts a amp is turning.

    A lot of .comers offer adding a inside the case amp state 44 Watts taking the 48 Volt ratings of those amps, but in a car only supplying 12 Volts they are only 4.5 Watts which is only seven less than the factory Delco DS501 amp.

    From the pro audio world, insert an ALESIS digital micro verb inline to a mid range 4 channel power amp, adding about 15 mill second delay on one pair of the mid range along with some stereo flanging on one pair of the mid range speakers. This will turn a MONO radio into Surround Sound & LETHALIZES! Stereo. Now you have a sound system WORTHY OF A CLASSIC with You sitting on the drummers throne so, "CRANK IT UP!"

    The sound system will get more attention than the Car!!!

    I do not rebuild power antennas.
    Always a source of problems! Tune radio where their is no station Turn radio up about to about 1/3 volume tape mast with plastic end of nut driver if crashing noise is heard then mast is dirty or bad. Shake lead wire and if loud noise is heard then wire or connectors are dirty or broken.

    The connector at radio & mast must be cleaned and checked for broken wire.

    If your DELCO WINDSHIELD ANTENNA radio suffers from wiper noise (static electricity) clean windshield with DAWN and then apply RAIN X and, install new wiper blades if necessary. It is static electricity, from the blades across the antenna. I like these cause they keep the mast clean.


    Without a doubt the most cost effective way to take one of my era Delco Car Radios into 2015 is with a FM RF mP3 Car player. They install into the cigarette lighter plug. Tune into the FM band in Stereo* with a starting price of under $15.00 {that's right fifteen dollars}imported directly from China. FM RF mP3 Bluetooth Car Players
    They sound 10 times better than the best FM~Stereo stations. Accept Phones, Bluetooth, USB Thumb Drives or better yet SD storage cards {about the size of a postage stamp X 1/32" thick} with a 32GB card holding 1000 CD loaded from an computer, with any song ever recorded available with a few mouse clicks. With inputs for Bluetooth, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWhatever or any other device with a line output or headphone out. Playing into Your 64 Corvette Radio then moveable in seconds to Your wife's Mini Van. Some with even HD cameras built in!

    Which had You rather have for Your Custom AutoSound System? A unit that fits in the dash opening with a quality level of one from down at Freds' Dollar Store selling for $035.00.

    Or the original factory radio set up so it will out Power Big~Block sidepipes. Getting Ted Nugents attention, BLOCKS away?

    For Customs or Rat~Rods! High~Pro state of the art modifications to take factory Delco Electronics into the Digital age! With no coloration or distortion. Turning a vintage Delco Car Stereo Radio into a top of the line state of the art Recording Studio Standards Performance: ''HEAD UNIT!''

    Line Input added for Encompassing any device with line level or headphone out such as Satellite Radio OR iPhone, iPod, iPad I~I~I~I~i~Whatever! Into AM* only Delco's Audio Path! OR for those wanting the ULTIMATE QUALITY RECORDING STUDIO STANDARDS.

    Line Output added for directly Driving all the Power Amplifiers Your car has batteries to power. Or Sound Processors*, REVERBS Then the Power Amplifiers

    Controlled by Delco's Volume & Tone Control ALLWAYS! at Your fingertips right in the middle of the dash. With additional capabilities to control each individual amplifiers volume at fingertips reach. Equalizers to flatten out any speaker system.

    ADDING FM: Ok let us destroy a Classic Delco Sound system. Install disposable JUNK so we can listen to the weather, traffic reports and "NON STOP BLABBING DISK JOKES" selling us the latest has been witch is all FM is now days. Even if they do play a song now and then it is so compressed, limited as to give one psychoacoustical brain damage.
    As well as FM ain't what she used to be! With declining ad revenue many are barely staying on the air! Most of the money made is spent on salaries for "ON AIR PERSONALITIES!" Thus as little as possible spent on transmitters, towers, other technologies need for good reception!

    IF You enjoy MUSIC go with a Line Input for digital devices! and, state of the art sound input. Many of the new $10.00 mP3 players have FM tuners built into them and, they work quite well.

    Another FM option is with an external AudioVox FM Converter they were made in the late 60's and early 70's. I no longer sell these but i do still restore them for $50.00
    About 1"X4"X4~6" The best FM reception of any Mono FM turner i have ever found. Simply unplug the antenna from the radio and plug into the antenna port of the the FM Converter and then plug the antenna wire from the Converter into where You just removed the cars antenna on the radio, hook up the fused wire to +12Volts DC, tune the AM radio to 1400 and tune in the FM stations on the converter all You have to do to go back to AM is turn the volume down to save Your ears and push one button on the Converter.


    This notion of converting a mono radio to stereo sounds great BUT the only kits i have ever seen to do this are nothing but disposable JUNK! A line input along with a line output driving a true power amp, driving a High~Pro modern day speaker is a lot more MUSIC for the dollar!

    Have seen a few conversions where someone went to WAL~MART and bought a $35.00 radio, gutted the Delco and crammed this JUNK inside KEEP IT DELCO!

    From 66 until some time in the mid 70s when Delco went to a one piece Stereo unit Delco had two radios an all MONO unit and a [better sounding] unit that was sold most of the time as a MONO unit BUT had a round shorting plug in the back that could be removed and an optional black box STEREO MULTI-PLEXER ! plugged in that had the second channel of audio in it. Since most of these radios were sold without the plexer the stereo light is not seen unless it is on [making it impossible to tell which unit You have with out checking model # or for the shorting plug.] Because the plexer units were LOW production # addons, kinda hard to find now days, VERY difficult to find parts for and even more difficult to get to work right, I charger $350.00 just to do the plexer. But having one of these rare treasures working correctly is going to add a lot move value to the selling price of a SURVIVING CLASSIC GM MUSCLE CAR than the cost of restoring one!

    IF You must have stereo [so You can brag to the guys at the water cooler] my suggestion is to get the factory Delco Stereo setup! IF You want GREAT! sounds [so folks two blocks away turn to see what You got going on!] use the MONO radio with mP3 lighter plug in mounting and one of my line out added to drive a 200 Watt power amp along with some great speakers!

    Delco's electronics DESTROYED and new throw away "JUNK ELECTRONICS" [with a hart stooping 44 watt amp IHF not RMS which is really 4 watts] Installed inside case. I see Delcos destroyed and this worthless junk installed! Why? Because they can not repair the DELCO. Ask those who push this "NONE SENSE" were will You NEW DISPOSABLE ELECTRONICS be in 5 years if it works at all today? (same place a bic lighter goes when it quits.)

    The turner in the DELCO will lock onto stations that the new ones skip over. `Compare that to a 600 watt Stereo power amp that YOUR DELCO'S VOLUME & TONE CONTROL DRIVES! by adding a line out {that is as clean as any audio there is! Not using the dirty speaker level output transistor}! Now go ahead and Drop in an additional 1000 watt mono blocks on the bottom end, a 600 watt~4 channel for the mids, along with a Digital Reverb & 400 watts for the top end IF YOU want a REAL stereo worthy of a CLASSIC! Plus the Delco is the same as the day she left the FACTORY with a few REVERSIBLE MODIFICATIONS, performed by THE ONLY DELCO CERTIFIED RADIO SERVICE TECH for the 1958 to 1975 models!

    New modern day electronics? ALL analog transistor circuits are covered by Bell Laboratory patents of 1938! No amp in any auto sounds as good as does the 6V6 tube used in the 53,54, Corvette radios!

    IF this "NEW MODERN DIGITAL ELECTRONICS" is so great. Why do recording studio engineers run it through "TUBES" to make it sound "GOOD"?

    IF the front speakers are in the kick panels no matter what You do they are are not going to sound very good at all cause the air from them never gets into Your ears!

    Tony Mac's Work History:

    I went on my first TV service call with my dad at the age of eight, was certified by RCA & Motorola in 1966 when i was 12, in 1967 Delco certified me as their 43rd car radio Stereo field warranty stations ever. I had just turned 14, 35 years younger than the next man on the list. And Delco was paying me a flat rate of $125.00 based on what Delco said was need two and a half hours on each radio they sent to me in Alamo,TN.
    The skills gained in my Dad's T.V. repair shop have taken me into the Pro Audio world , designing & installing equipment in several multi million dollar recording studios.
    Working with top stars like Mel Tillis, Sally Kellerman, Krystal Gail, Charlie McLean, Georgia Satellites , Ray Stevens, Tom Jones, Bobby Whitlock just to mention a few along with sound engineers from the WHO, Phil Collins, The Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, Little Feat, Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, and many many more.

    I feel that their is no one that can match my passion or ability to RESTORE the 1958 through 1985* Delco Car Radios.

    I started working on these radios in 1966 while in the 7th grade & it was two years with my Dad telling me what to do before I realized what I was doing. I fixed at least 300 Delco radios in 1968! one year before i got my drivers license.

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